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Half course guide

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Hello This is Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon Competition secretariat.


The 2017 Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon Competition Half course.


This half-course starts with an existing event


The destination is located at another point.


1) Luggage storage: You can use the existing luggage storage.

                     Once the items have been sorted, they are moved to the goal using trucks..


2) Destination: In the same way as the playground, there will be a "water supply", "snack distribution center", "goods receipt center" and "locker room".


3) The movement to the playground will be operated at a certain interval so that the bus can be prepared and moved to the goal area.

  (The distance from the halfway point to the playground is about 7km, and the bus travel time is about 8 ~ 9 minutes.)


More details will be posted on the homepage as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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