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Gunsan Wolmyeong Stadium
April 14, 2019 AM 08:00

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Hello everyone.

Thanks to your support, the Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon was held 14 times this year.

In this competition, the half course was newly created to reflect the opinions. The Half course is available for 500 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications can be made for individual exhibitions (by generation) and group events.

Not only marathon competition but events that participants and their families can enjoy together are operated in 2017 Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon Competition.

The festival that dreams of happy future, communicates with masters, elite, citizens, volunteers and also families is started!


1. Competition Summary

- Title: 2017 Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon

- Time: 2017. 4. 9 (Sun) 07: 00 ~ (Departure 08:00)

- Venue: Gunsan Wolmyeong Stadium 

- Competition: Elite (Domestic and Foreign Full Course), Masters (Full, Half, 10Km, 5Km)

- Organizer / Host: Gunsan City, Korea Athletic Federation / Gunsan City Athletic Association, Jeollabukdo Athletics Federation


2.  Application

- Register period: From 15th (Sun) ~ 3th (Mon) to 18th

- How to apply: Internet (http://www.smgmara.org)

- Entrance Fee: Full Course 50,000 won / Half Course 30,000 won / 10km 30,000 won / 5km 10,000 won

- Participants will be provided:  Full course (2 souvenirs, Completion Medal, Snack, Record)

Half, 10km (souvenir, medal, snack, record) / 5km (souvenir, medal, snack)


3. Awards 

- [Full Course] Male  Youth/Elderly, Female General, Group (1 pair of 5) 

- [Half course] Men's, women's, group (1 pair of 5)

- [10km] Men's and Women's 1st ~ 5th

- [5km] Men's and Women's 1st ~ 3rd / 4th ~ 5th Specialties


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